New job, New start

29 Mar

It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that, but frankly, not much has been going on. Until now.

I had a date last week and it went well, but besides parting words after the date (which don’t hold much weight unless it actually happens), no second date has been planned. We’ve texted back and forth but he hasn’t asked me out a second time and after ruining things with Hockey Guy because I pushed for a second date, I am not going to be the one to bring it up. We’ll see if he does at some point.

I started a new job a little over a month ago. It’s been great and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s exactly where I want to be. School is done in two weeks and that’s pretty exciting too! My new job is a Government job and as soon as I started, I changed my occupation on POF from “Student” to “Ministry of _______”. Within a couple days of starting my new job, I got a message from a guy, with no picture and not much of a profile, saying that he worked for the same ministry but he’d never seen me around so didn’t think we were working out of the same building.

Normally I don’t reply to people without pictures, but I was curious. I wrote back and said that I was very new at work so that’s probably why he’s never seen me. Turns out we do work in the same building but just in different departments. A department that mine interacts with quite a lot so it was only a matter of time until we ran into each other. I said it was unfair that he’d seen my pictures and could pick me out and work but I hadn’t seen his, so he told me his name and let me stalk his public pictures on Facebook.

He was not really my type at first glance but his pictures were all quite old. We talked a few times over the last month but still hadn’t seen each other at work…. Until last week. I was doing some new training and I immediately knew him when I saw him. It was a situation where we couldn’t speak or even say hi and were on opposite sides of the room from each other. That’s something to do with where I work, which I can’t really reveal on here but just trust me when I said that it wasn’t a moment where we could finally say hi.

I knew he would likely recognize me, but I never even caught his eye contact. I must say, he was MUCH more attractive in person. Probably because he had a bit of beard scruff and we all know I love beards. And he was in uniform. No, he’s not a cop (I wish). I messaged him when I got home to ask if he saw me and he said that he did. We chatted about something funny that we both experienced at work that day and today we talked again and I gave him my number to text me instead of through POF.

It’s funny, no one at work knows we have met or are on POF. Not that it’s a big secret or anything, but it’s kind of fun knowing him without actually having met him in person yet, but having work in common and talking about things we have both seen. Hard to explain but it’s like a fun secret. I’m sure I’ll get to talk to him at work soon but based on where my training is going, it might not be for another couple months. I’d make a bet that we hang out outside of work before we even talk at work. Funny how that works.

Age is mind over matter… Until vacation schedules matter

17 Feb

I got back from Mexico a few days ago. I was there for a week and went with two of my married girl friends. My one request: A social resort and not a lame romantic newlywed couple resort like I was stuck at the last time I went to Mexico.

We arrived in the early evening and immediately I could tell we were going to meet a zillion people. Everyone was in a good mood, social and it’s like Canada invaded that resort that night. My mind was of course on meeting cute guys and my friends were on board with scoping them out for me too. Sitting at one of the large bars that first night, we noticed two guys sitting on the other side, across from us. One of them was super cute and definitely looking back. The bartender did something known as “rainbow shots” where they mix up some concoction and as they pour it out into about 7-8 shot glasses, the colour of the shots changes from green to yellow to orange to red. It’s obviously based on liquid density, but it’s pretty cool to watch as they pour it out. Anyway, after handing out shots to people nearby, we had two extra. I looked over to where guy and his friend were to call them over to have them, but then had disappeared. Oh well.

We didn’t see them again until the third night. I was chatting to some guy who turned out to be a huge douchebag and my friend had wandered away (because she didn’t like the guy). I looked to where she had gone and she was over talking to cute guy and his friend. I headed over and we all got introduced. I’ll use his real name because I’m never going to see him again. His name is James and his friend was Anthony. James and I got along really really well and talked for a long time. And he was super adorable. A lot younger than me and shorter than me, but none of that seemed to matter because I knew it was all in good Mexico fun and after a week, I’d never see him again. We hung out until my friend got super drunk and I made the decision to lure her up to the room and to bed. So bye to James for the night.

I am not a one night stand type of girl and I told my friends that if I was to hook up with a guy on the trip, it would be someone I met and hung out with more that one day and things just kind of led there. Still want to actually like the guy, but at the same time knowing it wouldn’t go anywhere past a few days.

I saw that in James. We got along well and I could see us getting to know each other better. Sadly that didn’t really happen. I saw James around throughout the week, but we were on different “schedules”. Me and my friends were on the “pace drink by the pool during the day and in the evening, but go to bed around 11-12″ schedule. James and his friend were on the “Party until 4am and then sleep until 2pm the next day because of hangover from night before and then party until 4am again” schedule. The age difference was seen here. Haha. Us 30 year olds didn’t want to waste our trip sleeping and feeling like crap. We had adventures and went on excursions and didn’t feel sick while doing it. So because of the differences in our groups, we’d be heading to bed as soon as James would start his evening.

One night, my friends did stay up late and I guess James was telling them he liked me and wished I’d stay up later. Well, the next night happened to be our second to last night there and we had zero plans the next day. I was done with the sun and told myself that I could get wasted and spend the next day in bed if needed and it wouldn’t matter. So I started drinking. We watched a Grease performance which was awesome and Drunk Me made her appearance. And with Drunk Me came drunk me wondering where James was. We finally found him around 11pm (his night just starting) and immediately I found out that he and his friend were heading to a club downtown Cabo. Well, that sketches me out and I didn’t want to leave the resort, so sadly I didn’t even get to hang out with him that night either. Oh well, I tried. And by that point we were leaving in two days so I stopped caring. We spent the rest of out evening hanging out with a very nice fireman, a hot NHL referee and their wives. Very fun group and it was a blast!

I saw James two days later as everyone was gathering their bags to the buses at the front that would take us to the airport. Hugged, said bye and that was that. He’s from a province across the country from me so I’ll never see him again and that wasn’t the plan anyway. All in all, it was a fantastic trip with my fantastic girl friends and it was a much needed break from real life!

At the same time, I was excited to get back home because I start a new awesome job tomorrow! Not only is it an awesome job in the career direction I want to go, but I’ll be surrounded by lawyers, cops and sheriffs. Any guesses what I’ll be doing?

Goodbye DDGG, Hello Amazing Me!

1 Feb

It’s been a week since my third date with DDGG, and it’s been nothing but silence. Probably for the best. Proved me right in being wary of his intentions and holding off on having sex and I’m SOO glad I didn’t give him the goods. Truth be told, if he wasn’t so gosh darn attractive, he probably wouldn’t have made it past date one due to his lack of conversation having ability. I was hoping he’d open up, but he didn’t and I was starting to picture a long life of having absolutely nothing to talk about. Blah.

Because of that ending, I’m also free to flirt my face off with whatever hotties happen to cross my path while I’m in Mexico next week. :)

On a non dating note: I wanted to mention how good I’m feeling! I mentioned previously about starting to take anxiety meds. Now that they’ve kicked in, it’s such an amazing change! I had no idea how bad I was feeling until I started feeling good again. To top it off, I just got a new amazing job that I’m starting when I get back from Mexico. In my new field of Criminal Justice. I’m still in school until April, but they’re letting me work part time until I finish and then I’ll move to full time. That’s pretty unheard of in this type of job, but they wanted me and I scored big time!

Keep up the good work 2014!

Third Date with DDGG – Enter Confusion

26 Jan

Third date last night with Drop Dead Gorgeous Guy (DDGG). Movie night. I had texted him on Friday to see if he wanted to keep me company at a friend’s photography show but also said it was ok if he said no because I know that’s not really his thing. It’s not mine either but I wanted to support my friend. He declined, but because he has been at a concert late the night before and was feeling a little rough. He followed up by asking what I was doing Saturday, and thus a movie and pizza date was planned.

He came to my place, we ordered pizza and chose a movie on video on demand. There was some cuddling, some kissing, more cuddling and more kissing. I really like kissing him. We rounded second base and he tried for third, but I denied him. I’m trying something different this time. I have a few notched on my belt that turned into one time only encounters because I slept with the guy too soon and then stopped liking him. I’m still not completely sure where DDGG’s head is at, so I want to take this a little slower.

He seems like he likes me, but I don’t know exactly how much. He still logs into POF very often. The site tells you that last time someone has logged in. I myself haven’t been logging in very often because I’m into him, but every few days when I do to read a message, he’s either online or it shows he was very recently. He’s welcome to play the field but it makes me question if he’s into me very much if he’s still heavy prowling for other girls. Last night was more comfortable than our other dates because we didn’t have to keep the conversation going constantly. Silence was comfortable. But he doesn’t seem like he wants to learn anything about me at all. I’ve mentioned before that our conversations stall quite a bit and I’m generally the one to have to keep it going by asking questions. He reminds me of Soccer Coach in the sense that he doesn’t ask me much about myself. It’s date three and he doesn’t even know my last name, not does he seem to care. I learned his on date 1. Is that not weird? Do guys not care about that stuff?

I texted him this morning with a witty comment about something from last night and while he wrote back right away, he didn’t again after I wrote a second time. He says he’s shy, and I can see that, but I also see the confidence in him. He has no problem making a move. I think I’m going to leave the ball in his court now. I’ve made it clear that I’m interested so if he truly is, he’ll let me know hopefully. I was doing so well with playing it casual and cool and now I actually really like him so the over analyzing girl in me comes out. Blah!

In other news, I’m going to Mexico in a week and a half! Girl’s trip with a couple good friends and I am super excited! I get back the day before Valentine’s Day. Hmmm, Valentine’s Day. One would think if DDGG really likes me, he might ask me out for it. If not, well then that says something else. Stay tuned!

Second Date with DDGG

22 Jan

I FINALLY got to have a second date with DDGG last night. Almost a full month since we first met. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see him again. The plan was drinks and darts. We got a drink, but were unable to play darts because the place we went happened to have a dart league that night and they were using all the boards. Boo!

We finished our drinks and decided to head to the local pool hall to play pool instead. During our second game, he all of a sudden put his arm around me and pulled me in toward him. I looked up and he went in for the kiss. Our first kiss. It was quick, it was nice and he said “I’ve been wanting to do that since I first saw you tonight.” Definite butterflies. :)

After a few games of pool, we went to the bar area and had another drink. The conversation still stalls a bit with him and I find myself having to come up with things to keep it going, but where usually this would bother me, it doesn’t. I don’t mind silences and while they might be a little awkward right now, I know that once you get comfortable with someone you don’t need to fill every moment with talking. I do however usually go for more talkative/outgoing types, so who knows if this might make this stale after awhile. Shyness could also be a factor though. Time will tell.

I’m trying not to over analyze and self sabotage, but he said something else last night that got me thinking. The topic of his recent ex-girlfriend came up and he said they split up because he wants to travel more and she didn’t. I’d like to travel more too, but whenever I’ve met a guy whose main focus is travel, that’s all they want/. Meaning, they want a carefree life to travel tons with no obligations. Meaning: No children. That might not be the case with him, but he’s 38 already and saying him and his ex split because of “travel” kinda sounds like she wanted to settle down with a family and he didn’t. “Different long term goals”, he said. I want kids 100% so I’m not going to waste my time with a man who doesn’t have that on mind a few years down the road. I’ll have to find out where he stands on that within our next few dates. Yeah, yeah, over analyzing. But I’ve fallen into the “I just want to travel” trap before.

The end of the evening resulted on me giving him a ride home, a few minutes of kissing in the car, and him debating whether to invite me inside. I’ll explain. He just moved into a new place after his motorcycle trip and most of his stuff is still in storage. So he’s currently sleeping on an air mattress. He ended up inviting me inside, but I declined. Only our second date after all, but he said he just wanted to make out more and wouldn’t try anything else. I still declined because it was late and I had to get up early this morning.

I got a text from him this morning that made me laugh out loud. It said, “Ha! What a pick up line: Wanna make out on my air mattress? Sooo smooooth! ;)”

Mediocre, Mystery and More Delays

12 Jan

I had my date last night with Grocery Store Guy. The plan was drinks and pool, but the pool hall we went to doesn’t allow drinks over near the pool tables so we started with drinks. The date was… Fine. Mediocre. Conversation was good and comfortable, but I didn’t feel any spark. This might sound bad, but I got a very “feminine” vibe off him and I like my men to be manly men. That’s probably why there was no connection.

We had a couple drinks and never did end up playing pool. The waitress split the bill and he didn’t pay for me. Not a big deal, but I still like the gesture of a man paying for the first date. And then I’ll usually pay for the second. You know it’s not a great date when as soon as you get home, you have the urge to text another guy. In my case, it was DDGG. I’m still a little wary of him though because some things aren’t adding up. I mentioned how he said he was working 10-12 hour days, 6-7 days per week. Late last week he also told me he was working all weekend. Maybe that’s the case, but when I texted him last night, he was getting home from going to a hockey game. And mentioned he was moving into his new place today (Sunday). The doesn’t sound like working all weekend to me (though the hockey game was in the evening and maybe he’s moving in the evening too for all I know). In saying he was moving, he said I should come over for a movie night this week. And told me to “name the night”. Again, of he’s working all the time, how is the possible? I mentioned that he should pick since he’s the one working all the time. Tentatively Wednesday.

I’m excited to see him again, but my gut it telling me to be cautious at the same time. Some unsettling mystery with this one.

I’m also supposed to finally meet Juvy Guy this week too, but this will be the third time I’ve tried to set a date. He keeps leaving it up in the air and won’t just pick a day, which is annoying. And the one time I did, he didn’t fully commit and then bailed. We’ll see if it actually happens this time.

In other news, I’m going to Mexico in February!! It’s going to be a girl’s trip with two of my good friends. Excited!

“So you like ice cream too?”

6 Jan

Whenever people talk about random but good places to meet someone, a grocery store seems to come up. I’ve always wondered how often this happens. Sure, I’ve seen hot guys at the grocery store before but what’s your opening line? And how is it not weird?

Today I went to the grocery store after my first day back at school. I wanted some fruit popsicles. Now I am obsessed with sour things, especially candy, especially Sour Patch Kids. In the selection of popsicles, I was pleased to discover Sour Patch Kids popsicles. I grabbed a box, put them in my basket and as I turned to walk away, I almost slammed into a very tall, cute guy. We didn’t hit but did that whole “move to get around each other but you both keep going the same way” thing. We both said sorry, laughed and went on our way. I immediately recognized him as a guy I have seen on POF. A guy who has messaged me in the past and while I debated writing him back, I didn’t because I don’t trust profiles that only have 1 picture where they look good because they always end up looking nothing like that in person. This guy was much cuter in person than his picture.

We left the ice cream aisle in opposite directions and both happened to head down the next aisle over. We smiled again as we passed. I headed to the self-checkout station and after scanning my items with head down for a couple minutes, I looked up and he was at the station directly in front of me, facing me. I looked down and back up a couple times but we didn’t at the same time so no more eye contact. As I left, I saw him look at me at the corner of my eye but I was too shy to look back.

As I got into my car, I saw him walk out of the store and was very obviously looking around. For me I’m going to assume. It was pretty blatant. He walked down the street and it happened to be where I was driving. He went down a side street but saw me approaching just as he did. I obviously looked down the street at him and he obviously looked back at me. I got home 5 minutes later and he immediately sent me a POF message. I was glad that he did. He obviously recognized me too, but questioned if it was actually me in the message. I said I recognized him right away but didn’t want to say anything because it seemed creepy. He said the same and joked about what his grocery store opening line would have been… “Umm, so you like ice cream too?” Haha. We’ve sent a couple messages back and forth at this point and we seem to have some stuff on common. Hopefully we’ll “actually” meet in person.

This situation brings me to one of the downfalls of online dating. Put up a bad picture and you are judged solely on that. I don’t care how good your writeup is. If your picture is bad, you aren’t going to get messages. Case and point. This dude is much more attractive in person than his picture and we may have never met as a result.


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